5 helpful tips to increase your online orders

5 helpful tips to increase your online orders

Whether you are a retailer with bricks and mortar or own an ecommerce website – your in-store sales and profits will be integral to your company’s future. If you run solely as an online business,  your site’s traffic conversions will be of paramount importance to growing success and a strong customer base. 

Intelligent marketing and SEO for your website will help increase your revenue, but there are other methods to getting buyers to buy more products – like giving them offers they cannot refuse! Let us take you through 5 of our favourite tips here;

1.) Free shipping limit

Of course, you won’t be able to offer free shipping on every item you sell. However, most companies offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount – so when the customer has chosen enough products that equates to your required costs, they can have it all shipped to their chosen address for free. Make sure this offer is visible all over the site, and be sure to set reminders on each product page as they select their items.

Large ecommerce sites like ASOS and Amazon offer various shipping level costs e.g. express delivery, or 5-7 days – which will all charge different amounts and appeal to different demographics of customer. 

free shipping

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2.) Keep an eye on third-party sites and offers

Consumers will always seek discounts for similar products on third-party sites, you can help avoid this by matching the information on your website.  Consider offering a “Seen it cheaper?” offer  to match competitors prices. If your website includes all the same deals, it will cut down on the traffic to those third-party sites and keep your customers buying your products. 


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3.) First-time shopper discounts

For every visitor your ecommerce site receives, the aim should be to excite and ultimately convert their perusal in to a sale. Returning customers will have had a pleasant experience from their previous visit, so why not look at rewarding first-time visitors with a discount offer?

Not only will you give a good impression for those first-timers, it gives you a greater chance of a sale and building a long lasting relationship.You can ask for their contact information in exchange for a voucher, and also give them the links to share their experience on social media – expanding your online presence and communication. 


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4.) Special deals for abandoned carts

Whilst you will need to be careful that you don’t gain a reputation for rewarding all abandoned carts – by giving returning customers an incentive to complete their purchase at a later date, you are improving their user experience. Consider only offering a special deal for a certain amount of money left behind? Or, for first time cart abandoners – you can offer a free item or free shipping for their cart and this could entice customers to come back and spend the money. 

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5.) Discount page on the website

Why not try having a special page on your website dedicated to deals and offers? We are all guilty of enjoying a good deal, and this mentality can be exploited in a bricks and mortar as well as an ecommerce site. You can offer groups of items together for less, or free items to go along with a specified purchase. The possibilities are endless, it’s also the perfect way to move end-of-life stock and before you know it you will be selling more and more items with each customer visit.


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