5 tips for Small Business Saturday 5th December 2015

5 tips for Small Business Saturday 5th December 2015

Smalls business owners across the UK will be celebrated this Saturday, as we all come together to make the most out of a non-commercial campaign called Small Business Saturday. This highly anticipated event highlights small business success and encourages consumers to ‘shop local’ – supporting small businesses in and around their local town or city. 

This year’s annual Small Business Saturday is just 2 days away, and with previous campaigns having generated millions of pounds for British businesses – let alone raised more awareness for entrepreneurs and smaller retailers – it’s important that as a small business owner,  you are able to make the most of it. 

We’ve listed 5 important strategies to follow leading up to, and on the day; so your Small Business Saturday is as beneficial and profitable as possible.

1) Extend your working day

Small Business Saturday is all about your business, so you need to make the most of it. Consider opening earlier, for example – if you usually open at 10 a.m, advertise to customers that you will open at 7 a.m this weekend, to increase the chance of receiving customers. Be sure to use your email marketing and social media to remind customers about the day and your plans to open early, not only that, these channels can also be used to highlight any sales or promotions you have coming up. 


2) Make it a day to remember

 Owning your own business gives you the chance to add personal touches, creating a more enjoyable experience for visitors. Consider hosting an activity specific to your industry; such as a tasting session or live performer, even something interactive for children. Small Business Saturday is not just about the one day – you’re given the chance to leave an impression that customers will remember for the rest of the year. 


3) Follow Black Friday’s example 

Black Friday’s success in the UK has taught us that great deals and low prices bring customers to stores to spend lots money. Think of a way to incorporate this methodology to Small Business Saturday, stock up on inventory you can sell at a low price across all demographics – or stock that can be sold as part of a deal. However, be careful not to lower prices too much and end up affecting your overall profit margin. 


4) Partner up

Two  heads are better than one, and the same goes for business – if you are able to build a partnership and develop cross-promotions with a like-minded store, you will be able to reach and engage with more customers. A like-minded store will be a business that could benefit from yours and visa versa; such as a bridal boutique and a florist – organise a meet and greet with the other high street stores and see how you can help each other. 


5) Give back to the community

Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to get to know your community and give back to the local charities and town residents. Why not promise to dedicate a portion of all your sales to charity, encouraging them to give back with you – you could even partner with a well known, local cause. Lastly, as you own a small independent business, you should make time to thank  anyone that’s help made your day successful. Find a way to say thank you to customers and suppliers – whether it’s an email or parting gift, a personal touch will always be remembered.



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