7 tips to maximise your Christmas ecommerce sales

7 tips to maximise your Christmas ecommerce sales

Next week will be the start December, and the official countdown to Christmas Day. This time of year is one of the most important dates in the ecommerce calendar; not only is it the time of good will to all men, but lots and lots of spending online and in store. Online retail sales are predicted to reach £52.25bn in the UK this year, a 16.2% increase on 2014 when the total stood at £44.97bn.

This isn’t surprising, with the increase in popularity of American marketing campaigns Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ecommerce businesses across the country are reaching out to more customers and selling more stock each year online, all thanks to the lack of queues, personalised email marketing and broader product variety available for the customer around the world. 

To help your ecommerce business thrive this festive period, we’ve listed seven key selling tips that will ensure you make the most of the busiest month of the year. 


1) Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

As mentioned in a previous post, the lead up to this time of year should be one of (if not the biggest) focus of your retail calendar. Your strategy for marketing, online deals, staff and overall business goals will need to be carefully considered well before season begins. 

2) Check the data 

Go over how your store did the previous Christmas; figures and marketing reports will indicate which areas did well and which need improvement – which will help you decide on the types of promotions to offer, demographics to target and how much stock to order in. 

3) Up-to-date inventory

Regardless of your ecommerce industry, you won’t sell many products if they are all old models or inferior compared to competitors – you’ll need to ensure that the stock you are offering customers is the most up-to-date or fashionable for that year so you can appeal to your entire demographic. 


image credit: carolinaplantations.com

4) Make it discount

Just like Black Friday and Boots’ 3 for 2 on Christmas gifts – customers love a good deal. Online shoppers have the luxury of comparing prices as they shop around, so make sure that you are aware of your competitor’s bargains and can exude the same excitement and appeal to any site visitors. 

5) Be social

Social Media is the biggest online platform  to reach consumers – your online profile for Twitter, Facebook or Google will give you a direct link to your customers to showcase your brand, products and offers. Stay connected and keep updating these sites with exciting information and news about your business. 


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6) Deck your site with bows of holly

It goes without saying – your site has to be festive! The whole spirit of Christmas is what drives us to spend so much in the first place – and there’s nothing worse than a consumer making their way to your site and being put off by the lack of enthusiasm and exciting features. If you don’t want to hire a professional web designer – you can simple add some festive pictures, colours or a Christmas greeting to get in the spirit. 

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