Awning Manufacturer For Ascot Racecourse Gets New Brand Identity

Awning Manufacturer For Ascot Racecourse Gets New Brand Identity

Established in 1984, Kover-it has over 30 years of experience in custom awnings and coverings. The UKs leading outdoor cover manufacturer, they have supplied the BBC, Wall’s, Jack Wills and Ascot Racecourse. Despite this success they have struggled with the company logo for years, trying to successfully represent and unify the two primary divisions.

Kover It Original Website

Kover-it’s new branding needed to be versatile and successfully deliver clarity wherever and however used; on or offline.

Re-Branding Kover-It

The first step was to get under the skin and establish their place in the market. From initial meetings they were keen to point out that Kover-it needed to target new corporate markets. This meant that the colour palette needed to be elegant with a high-end feel.

Kover It Colours

Kover-it products are primarily split across two types, covers and awnings. We needed to ensure that individually the respective logos and palettes drew synergy across the company while clearly defining the offerings.

A number of logo concepts were visited throughout the creation of their new branding. Our aim was to find a recognisable mark that would flow across all business divisions. Throughout the journey we explored and discounted a wealth of ideas.

Breaking apart the name of the business highlighted the terms ‘over’ and ‘over it’. This introduced the graphical idea of something that represented the ‘over’. This is where we began developing and evolving the typography and how the logo could represent a ‘cover’.

After a number of ideas were discussed, a final design was chosen. The final logo is corporate, elegant, modern and appealing to a wide audience whether domestic or commercial. The sleek and subtle arc instantly forms and portrays a cover in synergy with the Kover-it name. Additionally the logo is strong and able to stand alone without a tagline. The tagline does however truly differentiate between the two main business divisions as shown below with their relative colour palettes.

Kover It Logos

Building a Responsive Design

Once the initial brand identity was complete, we could apply these to a mobile first responsive solution. Focused on the user experience and journey, we developed a framework that promotes conversion.

Kover It Responsive Website

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