Magento CE 2.1.6: Community Edition 2.1 Performance Update Released

Magento CE 2.1.6: Community Edition 2.1 Performance Update Released

At the beginning of April Magento released new updates for Magento Community Edition with Magento CE 2.1.6. The new release looks to enhance the superior payment and admin usability in Magento 2.1 along with other recent product updates.

What to expect from Magento CE 2.1.6

The latest release has a clear focus on performance, with enhancements that look to speed up processes and page loading times for both merchants and customers. In a market where speed can directly impact bounce rates and, ultimately, your bottom line, this latest release will be a welcome upgrade for ecommerce retailers using Magento Community Edition 2.1. Along with these considerable performance enhancements, the new release also addresses some general functional fixes to further improve the overall experience for merchants.

Improved Category page performance

Magento has improved configurable product and category page processes all around with faster checks and load times. Magento now checks a configurable product’s readiness for sale quicker, with stock validation now 20% faster.

Additionally, Magento no longer calculates special prices on the category page for configurable products. Previously these prices were determined but not displayed on category pages. Price calculations with the latest release are now up to 3 – 5% faster, and overall configurable products load from the database up to 5x quicker.

Optimised image resizing and caching

The latest update will mean a reduction in the number of images requested and an overall decrease of file system operations when processing images. This includes generating images of all sizes from the command line for display on the storefront. Merchants can import products with various sized images and resize from the command line where the resized image is stored in the cache.

The storefront now subsequently displays images that Magento resizes during product save operations rather than on the storefront. As a result, image resizing performance has been improved by up to 30%. Additionally, image metadata is now cached to avoid the sluggish task of reading images for metadata loading and caching of image metadata is up to 50% faster depending on store size.

As well as improved caching for images, Magento will now also cache product attribute options for layered navigation. The number of queries to the database is reduced and subsequently performance is improved by 3%.

Merchants can also look forward to a range of other general functional enhancements. You can find all the details for the latest update including all the changes as well as system requirements in the full release notes. You can also download the new release here.

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