How we developed our Ecommerce Connector by thinking outside the box

How we developed our Ecommerce Connector by thinking outside the box

As an ecommerce start-up there are a lot of amazing services and top-notch systems which can often seem out of reach. We thought we would fix that.

So, you’ve just finished a free trial or demo for a really slick business management system. The kind of app you know you could definitely use in the future; it is great value for money and will help to automate and grow your business in ways you had never dreamed.

You’ve found out the monthly fee. It’s not unreasonable and you’re ready to sign up. Speaking to your web design/development company it is brought to your attention that your chosen solution is not plug n’ play. Requiring bespoke API development it could cost thousands which you simply don’t have.

What do you do now?

The growing cost of digital

For an early-stage start up, the cost of integrating your ecommerce system with popular ERP systems and business solutions can often seem far more than you were expecting. Although you can understand the benefits in the long run, you just don’t have the spare cash to splash on the immediate web development.

You’re not alone.

We have spoken to lots of different online retailers who often struggle to fund the cost of upgrading their ecommerce solution when their existing platform still transacts and well…’works’. 

For the smaller ecommerce retailer remaining competitive can be extremely difficult. Consumer driven, ecommerce is a fast paced market which requires retailers to stay on top and ahead of the latest trends. Despite this however, when it comes to updating or expanding your ecommerce solution, there often isn’t the money or time to spend out on the latest software and integrations.

Solving big business problems

Most start-ups and small retailers use free, open source ecommerce software to develop their retail platform, reducing the initial start-up costs. A great open source solution, this does however require some amount of development which carry a financial cost to get off the ground. 

Once you’ve got your website up and running there is the task of integrating with a payment gateway and any other extra features you want to offer. Whilst platforms like WooCommerce and Prestashop offer an out of the box ecommerce solution, even the most tech-savvy retailer will need the help of a web development expert if they want to expand and integrate their business into multichannel retail. 

golden gate bridge connection

Leveraging our skills

About a year ago we had a eureka moment. Having built a number of ecommerce stores on various platforms we soon realised that there was a need for a third party integration that could connect multiple sales channels and ancillary services for the multichannel retailer.

You see a number of ecommerce solutions and business systems had made their APIs available, but the cost of integration for the smaller retailer often far outweighed the benefits. 

Say hello to the Netmatter Ecommerce Connector

Providing a bridge between your shopping cart or sales channel, our connector enables you to connect with almost any ERP and ancillary service providers.

“That’s genius”

Thanks, we think so too. The beauty of our solution is that it provides ecommerce start-ups and SMEs with a low cost third part integration. Eliminating the need for bespoke API development, our solution solves big business problems.

The future is bright

Providing multichannel retailers with a business management system to streamline their retail workflows, Brightpearl is an ERP system that  features built in integrations for retailers using BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify and ekmPowershop. Synchronising inventory, orders and prices, Brightpearl’s inclusive Commerce Acceleration Platform features accounting, CRM and fulfilment solutions to enable you to manage all aspects of your business from one central location. 

We think Brightpearl is great and so wanted to make it available to lots of other retailers.

We understand that not everyone has a compatible ecommerce store or the money to fund a bespoke API integration – that’s where our Ecommerce Connector comes in. Integrating with a growing number of ecommerce platforms, our API connector means that retailers can still benefit from Brightpearl’s business management systems even if they are using a shopping cart that does not currently have a built-in Brightpearl integration.  (You can find more details on Brightpearl integration in our blog)

Brightpearl Connector

Working with big partners

Certified and approved Brightpearl partners, we have found that retailers on a wide range of platforms wanted to integrate using our solution.

“Can we do this?”

Yes. The brilliant thing about our Ecommerce Connector is that it is a universal connector. Developed in-house, it is a totally bespoke solution that enables multichannel retailers to connect their open source shopping cart with almost any API.

What this means is that retailers can connect their ecommerce, sales channels and retail store with any solution that has an open API. From logistics and fulfilment providers to ERPs and payment gateways, our Ecommerce Connector can connect pretty much anything.

We have now successfully integrated with a number of leading ecommerce retailers ensuring that their multichannel solution can synchronise with their chosen system. If you want to talk to us about integrating your ecommerce call today on 0845 467 1221; we would love to hear from you.