Little Pet Warehouse Automates Workflow Using Ecommerce Connector

Little Pet Warehouse Automates Workflow Using Ecommerce Connector

Little Pet Warehouse, a family run pet accessories retailer, has integrated their open source shopping cart and Brightpearl account using our Ecommerce Connector.

The Problem: started life as a small online retailer looking to provide high quality pet products at reasonable prices. Rapidly expanding into a large online store with hundreds of products in stock,  Little Pet Warehouse needed to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of manual labour involved around inventory management and order processing between systems. 

After considering several options, they chose to use Brightpearl as their back office ERP system. A cloud-based business management application designed for multi-channel retailers, Brightpearl has been developed to accelerate growth and profits. 

In order to achieve growth, multi-channel retailers must also integrate the APIs of key web services. A costly process as no two APIs are the same resulting in bespoke development costs upwards of £10,000; a price most SMEs cannot afford. 

Little Pet Warehouse

What We Did:

Little Pet Warehouse were looking for a seamless integration between their existing osCommerce shopping cart and Brightpearl. osCommerce is unavailable as a built in integration with Brightpearl, so Little Pet Warehouse chose Netmatter to provide them with the solution. 

To help businesses of all sizes achieve automation and speed of scale in the fast paced world of ecommerce, we had developed an Ecommerce Connector to provide retailers with a simple and affordable way to integrate their ecommerce and back office systems. 

Starting at just £59 a month, our Ecommerce Connector saves businesses thousands in bespoke development and maintenance costs. Supporting integrations for popular ERP systems, open source and bespoke shopping carts such as osCommerce and OpenCart, our solution integrates almost any ERP with any retail channel, shopping cart and ancillary services. 

How Did It Work:

Unlike other Brightpearl integrations, our Ecommerce Connector also supports all critical workflows. Synchronising in near real time, it enables online retailers to manage pricing, inventory levels, fulfilment status updates and nominal code assignment all from one place. 

Max Pullan, Manager at Little Pet Warehouse commented “Integrating Netmatter’s Ecommerce Connector into Little Pet Warehouse has meant that we can seamlessly manage all systems from one location; our Brightpearl account. We can continue to provide our customers with a fast, cost effective and reliable service, so we couldn’t be happier”. 

Mike Greaves, Director at Netmatter added “We are delighted to have helped Little Pet Warehouse automate workflows between their ecommerce website and Brightpearl account. Saving them in excess of £10,000 in bespoke web development, our API Connector means that they can enjoy synchronised inventory and greater automation of sales workflows at an affordable cost.”

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