Magento 2 Solution Specialists

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With years of experience and more than a few successful projects under our belt we already consider ourselves Magento experts, and now we can finally say we’re Magento 2 experts as well.

Magento 2 Certified

With the platform still in its infancy, it’s not been possible until now to officially get Magento 2 certified. In fact, the certification is so new that it still hasn’t been made public yet. As solution specialists, we were keen to add Magento 2 to our repertoire and were fortunate enough to take part in the first certification exam. Not only did this give us a chance to officially put our Magento 2 expertise to the test, but we were also invited to give feedback to help shape the future certification.

Now 150 questions and a tense wait later, we’re proud to call ourselves official Magento 2 Solution Specialists.

What’s the big deal?

As one of the first to get the certification, we’re one of just 20 in the UK with the stamp of approval. To get certified as a Solution Specialist you need to have a deep understanding of the architecture and application of the platform as well as business and ecommerce experience to “efficiently align business objectives with Magento functionality”.

Put simply, this means we know just about all there is to know when it comes to getting the best out of this innovative new ecommerce solution. And trust us, there is a lot to know.

We are officially certified Magento 2 Solution Specialists

Not just a pretty badge

While we think the new Solution Specialist badge really brings out the colour in our logo, there’s more to it than just a fancy title. From conception to launch and beyond, we know how to tailor Magento 2 to work best for your business.

Research and scoping

With a background in ecommerce and years of experience, we can work with you to identify the right direction for your business. From setting goals to early design concepts we’ll start developing a strategy tailored to you. Even at this early stage, we’ll use our deep knowledge of Magento 2 to start selecting the layout and features that best fit your requirements.

Design and development

Extensive knowledge of the platform is a must-have during development. Whether it’s customising the improved checkout system to suit business and customer demands or finding the perfect extension for a bespoke solution, our expertise will help deliver an ecommerce experience designed to engage and convert.

Launch and beyond

The launch may be the end of the project, but it’s just the start for your business. Take our skills with you thanks to our Magento maintenance packages and digital marketing services. Combined with our knowledge of the platform our team can start optimising your ecommerce store for success, from drilling down into ecommerce data to gain valuable insights to targeting customer segments with dynamic catalog, price rules and promo banners.

Other Magento 2 Certificates

Along with our new badge, we have a whole team of experts already proving themselves with the new platform. Thanks to Magento U we’re collectively qualified in some key Magento 2 areas, all of which are essential to delivering a superior ecommerce experience.

  • Core principles of theming mag v2.1
  • Managing your Magento store
  • Responsive web design Magento 2.1

It’s not all about Magento 2

We’ve got experience in just about everything ecommerce, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just take a look at our other certificates and awards.

Certified AdWords Partners

Paid search is one of the fastest ways to improve your reach and drive more traffic to your website. It’s no surprise that it’s a favourite for many of our clients, and is just one of the areas we excel at. As official Certified Google AdWords Partners, we can develop and manage successful PPC campaigns, from Google Search to Shopping and Mobile.

In fact, we know so much about PPC that we decided to share some our knowledge in our Google AdWords courses. These training sessions are perfect for small businesses looking to take control of their PPC and start getting more out of their paid traffic.

GDPR Award

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is big news in ecommerce and digital; whether you’re ready or not GDPR compliance will come into effect in May next year. Those four little letters are causing a big problem for many, but fortunately we’re already well versed in all things GDPR. Thanks to some well-earned awards from the IDM we can start making sure you and your business are more than ready for the changes.

Everything ecommerce

Whether it’s logo design and branding or taking advantage of everything Magento 2 has to offer, we really do have everything ecommerce under one roof. Our friendly team of experts have all the latest knowledge you could need to launch and optimise your ecommerce offering. If our fancy certificates aren’t impressing you, why not take a look at the projects we’ve worked on so far.

If you want to find out more about any of our expert know-how or want to discuss your current ecommerce needs, contact us today.