Beef up sales during National Butchers Week 2024 with PPC

What is National Butchers’ Week?

National Butchers’ Week, celebrated annually during the second week of March, is a significant event in the UK that focuses on the artistry and expertise of butchers. Scheduled from 4 to 10 March in 2024, this week highlights the exceptional work of butchers across the nation, distinguishing them from their competitors. It’s not limited to butcher shops alone; the public is encouraged to engage by supporting local butchers, participating in butchery classes, or hosting events like BBQs with locally sourced meats.

The event was initiated to spotlight the traditional skills and values of local butchers, which are often overshadowed by supermarket chains. It serves to emphasise the uniqueness, personal touch, and commitment to quality that local butchers bring, ensuring they remain an integral part of community life. Moreover, National Butchers’ Week celebrates the longstanding history of butchery, dating back to when the first guilds were formed in the 13th Century in York, and recognises establishments like R J Balson & Son, the oldest continually trading family business in the UK since 1515.

The week also stresses the importance of purchasing high-quality, ethically sourced meats, supporting not only the local businesses but also sustainable practices. It provides an excellent opportunity for the public to learn about the benefits of buying locally sourced meat, which includes superior taste, nutritional value, and reduced environmental impact. This initiative helps in educating consumers about the journey of meat from farm to fork, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of butchery as a craft.

How to Get Involved

Supporting Local Butchers

During National Butchers’ Week, individuals are encouraged to support their local butchers by purchasing meat directly from them. This not only helps sustain local businesses but also promotes the consumption of high-quality, locally sourced meats.

Taking a Butchery Class

Many butchers offer classes during this week, providing a unique opportunity for the public to learn about different cuts, butchery techniques, and even how to make their own sausages. These classes are designed to deepen understanding of the craft and enhance culinary skills.

Hosting a BBQ or Roast

Hosting a BBQ or roast with meats sourced from local butchers is a fantastic way to celebrate National Butchers’ Week. It allows individuals to showcase the quality of locally sourced meats while enjoying good food with friends and family.

Sharing on Social Media

Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #NationalButchersWeek to share their experiences on social media. This helps raise awareness and promotes the event, while engaging with a wider audience through platforms like the Meat Trades Journal’s social media channels. 

PPC Advertising

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