Next-generation Magento Marketplace launched

Next-generation Magento Marketplace launched

Following the launch of Magento 2.0, the open-source commerce platform has launched its new extension and app store – Magento Marketplace. Providing merchants with a simplified user-experience for discovery of curated, quality products and services, the office Magento extension store launches the next-generation of commerce applications to enable merchants and developers to extend the functionality of their stores.

What’s different?

The new Magento Marketplace introduces a new vetting process for extension providers including a technical, marketing and business value review. Where previously almost anyone could submit an extension to Magento Connect, the new extension store looks to ensure that merchants can only buy high-quality technologies from trusted developers within the Magento ecosystem – great news for merchants and our teams.

Steve Yankovich, CPO of Magento Commerce commented “Magento has the largest commerce-focused extension marketplace and ecosystem in the world. The new Magento Marketplace represents our continued investment in fuelling this innovative commerce ecosystem. We are focused on offering the most value, access to the latest solutions and making the experience better for our community.”

Benefits for merchants

Magento Marketplace will mean that merchants will be able to search for and discover new products and services that extend the functionality of their stores – with no worry about code quality. To deliver real value and growth opportunities to merchants, Magento have chosen to showcase only curated extensions that have gone through their new manual coding audit. This ensures a higher level of quality assurance for merchants and, in essence, provides a one-stop show for all things Magento.

In addition to product and services reviews, Marketplace now also includes ‘Success Stories‘ showcasing how featured developers/providers have helped Merchants grow their businesses through extensions in the Marketplace.

Benefits for developers, solution and technology partners

As experienced Magento solution providers, we’ve lost count of how many poor extensions we’ve had to re-develop or totally scrap because they do not do what they say on the tin. So for those working directly with Magento developing new stores, the Marketplace is only a good thing.

Quality extensions, themes and services should make extending functionality faster and more cost effective for both parties. It should also increase the number of extensions used as merchants and developers alike feel more comfortable working with 3rd party apps.

In light of the recent Magento 2.0 release, the Marketplace also now takes the role of an app store manager for developers and partners. In addition to this, the Magento team are now providing extensive support for extension developers, including managing payments, refunds, marketing and lead generation.

Extending your Magento ecommerce

If you’re looking to extend your Magento ecommerce store, talk to our in-house team of Magento experts today. We can advise of the best solutions for your business, helping you to reach your objectives.