Setting up Christmas promotions with Magento: Catalog Price Rules

Setting up Christmas promotions with Magento: Catalog Price Rules

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s important to prepare your ecommerce store for the rush. Being prepared doesn’t just mean inventory checks and additional workforce – you should be in a position to offer your customers exciting deals and promotions that lead to more sales and ultimately, better return on investment for the festive period.

Your Magento platform has the capability to set up all kinds of promotions that work for your business; in this blog you will learn how to set up product relationships, and use price rules to trigger customer discounts based on a variety of pre-set conditions.

Here are a few ways you can use your new price rules to offer incentives for Christmas;

  • Send your loyal customers a coupon for a discount on a specific product
  • Offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount
  • Schedule a promotion to run for a certain length of time (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday) 

With catalog price rules, you can set up your promotions in advance so they only become live when the required conditions are met by the customer. These rules can be used to selectively place products on sale under certain conditions (not using coupon codes – as these can only be triggered before a product is placed into the shopping cart). 

Below is our step by step guide with information from the Magento Community Edition User Guide on getting your discounts primed and ready to go;


1) Add a a new rule 

  1. On the Admin menu, select Promotions > Catalog Price Rules.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the Add New Rule button.
  3. The options in the panel on the left include Rule Information, Conditions, and Actions.

Rule Information


On the Rule Information page, do the following:

  1. Complete the Rule Name and Description fields. These fields are for your internal reference only
  2. Set Status to “Active”
  3. Select the Websites where the rule will be available
  4. Select the Customer Groups to which this rule applies (you can also select/highlight multiple options)
  5. Set the From Date and To Date to define the range of dates when the rule will be in effect (if you leave the dates blank – the rule is enabled as soon as the price rule is saved and will need to be deactivated manually)
  6. Enter a number to establish the Priority of this rule in relation to other rules (this means which promotion will be most important for the customer to be offered) 

2) Define the conditions

You will need to choose which products you’d like to apply the promotion to – if you want to apply the rule to all products, leave the conditions blank. 

In the panel on the left, select Conditions. The first rule begins;


The statement has two underlined links, which when clicked on – display the options for that part of the statement. If you save the condition without making additional selections, the rule will apply to all products

  • Click the ALL link, and select “ALL” or “ANY”
  • Click the TRUE link and select “TRUE” or “FALSE”
  • Leave the condition unchanged to apply the rule to all products

You can create different conditions by changing the combination of these values;

  •  Click the Add button at the beginning of the next line. 
  •  In the list under Product Attribute, select the attribute that you want to use as the basis of the condition. For this example, the selected condition is “Attribute Set” 

Condition line 2, part 1 N.B. For an attribute to appear in the list, it must be configured to be used in promo rule conditions. 



  • Click the is link, and select the comparison operator that is needed to describe the condition to be met. In this example, the options are “IS” or “IS NOT” 
  • Then, click the … “more” link, and choose the attribute set upon which the condition is based. 

Condition line 2, part 3 – the selected item appears in the statement to complete the condition. 


To add another line to the statement, click the Add button, and choose one of the following:

  • Conditions Combination
  • Product Attribute 

Then, repeat the process until the condition is complete.

If at any time you want to delete part of the statement, click the Delete button at the end of the line. 

3) Define the actions 

In the panel on the left, select Actions.


In the above section, set Apply to one of the following options;

By percentage of the original price

Discounts item by subtracting a percentage from the original price. Example, enter 10 in Discount Amount for an updated price that is 10% less than the original price.

By fixed amount 

Discounts item by subtracting a fixed amount from original price. Example, enter 10 in Discount Amount for an updated price that is £10 less than the original price.

To percentage of the original price

Discounts item by defining the final price based on percentage. Example, enter 10 in Discount Amount for an updated price that is 10% of the original price.

To fixed amount

Sets the price to a fixed amount. 

Do one of the following:

  • Enter the Discount Amount
  • To apply the discount amount to associated products, set Enable Discount to Subproducts to “Yes” then enter the Discount Amount to apply.

When you create a new price rule, it might take an hour or so for it to become available, so allow enough time for it to get into the system. Then, test the rule to make sure that it works correctly just incase you’ve missed out one of the key steps.  

Once completed your online store will be ready and waiting for the next lucky customer to take advantage of your Christmas deals. If you have an ecommerce buisness and would like help updating your website, or moving across to Magento for easier, faster store management then get in touch with our team today.