Three ways to use fulfilment to grow your business

online shipping

This week we’re featuring a guest blog post from ShipStation’s Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Marc van Bree. ShipStation’s powerful shipping software enables ecommerce retailers to automate shipping for efficient fulfilment. 

Dispatching your online orders should not be an afterthought. Here at ShipStation, we know firsthand how important your order fulfilment is. If you have spent all your energies optimizing your sales channel, but not your fulfilment, you’re missing out.

Customers expect high-quality, high-speed ecommerce fulfilment. In fact, they consider it an extension of your brand. And so should you.

Here are 3 ways you can use fulfillment (and ShipStation) to grow your business:

1. Dispatch more efficiently

An inefficient process can really clog your business. ShipStation imports your orders from wherever you sell: your store, Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces, and more. No more copy/paste from different platforms. From there, you’re just a few clicks away to dispatch the order with the courier of your choice right in the app: Royal Mail, Hermes, UPS, DHL, and FedEx to name a few. Product presets, automation rules, and batch printing will save you hours. Hours you can spend on growing your business.

2. Optimize your branding

ShipStation allows merchants to insert their brand into the fulfillment process. ShipStation’s Branded Tracking Page is an excellent alternative to a courier’s tracking page. Customers can not only get shipment updates on a page with your brand, but they’ll also see what’s in the package.

Furthermore, with ShipStation you can customise your packing slips and add your company’s logo to the parcel label; send branded confirmation emails to your customers; and make your customers happy with a self-service Branded Returns Portal that saves you time and makes you look good.

3. Expand beyond borders

So you’re already dominating your local market? Now it’s time to set your sights higher and start wooing international customers. This may seem intimidating, but the rewards will be great. It may be best to start small and select the right product; you’ll want to minimize international returns and dispatch to markets with the most streamlined import laws.

ShipStation provides many of the tools necessary to create customs declarations for orders and even print necessary forms. And we’ve just created a handy essentials guide for dispatching orders from the United Kingdom. Read it here.

We’re excited to partner with the team at Netmatter and welcome the company to our official Solutions Providers Program. We can certainly get behind the passion they bring for eCommerce, including fulfilment!