Why is user generated content important for ecommerce retailers?

Why is user generated content important for ecommerce retailers?

How many times have you been recommended, and then later purchased a product from a friend after seeing or hearing about their success with it? Probably more than you think. The truth is, whether you look for a good or bad review – confiding in one of your peers will hold more influence over your decision than any of the words from the brand itself. 

User generated content works in the same way. Product reviews, testimonials and shared ideas hold a powerful influence over consumers and their behaviour online. So, why is this so important for ecommerce retailers? 

UGC > your brand

User generated content has been shown to be more trusted amongst millenials than its branded counterpart. And it’s not just the latest generation preferring this type of content, across the digital spectrum, consumers of all demographics are now seeking real people, real opinions and real advice. 

Seeing or reading about a product being enjoyed by a fellow human helps convert shop-browsers into shop-buyers. Most consumers find it difficult to take the plunge into buying something they haven’t physically tried and tested, so having an authentic review from a fellow customer builds trust not only for the product, but the brand as well. 

How can this work for ecommerce? 

Selling your products online offers your customers a more convenient and cost effective way of shopping. Using UGC to showcase the true quality and benefits of what your selling without the need for a bricks and mortar store will increase conversions and build brand awareness, so what other benefits are there?

Brand following

Whilst social media isn’t always the most effective way to earn conversions, it’s very effective at building brand awareness. With the rise of the selfie, and the “Unboxing” phenomenon, consumers are using these social platforms to discuss new purchases, give personal reviews and share images faster than any form of consumer communication. Featuring and sharing this content on your ecommerce site keeps you up to date with current trends and builds a community of loyal fans.  

Increased conversions

Today, over 92% of consumers use online reviews, compared to 88%  in 2014. Providing social proof and brand promotion, UGC has been proven to increase conversions; with trust built from fellow consumers the infamous cart-abandonment is decreased as customers feel more confident in their purchase.

Free SEO marketing

Search performance is one of the foundations to a successful online business. Whilst using on-site SEO techniques will help to increase your performance in organic search results, what better way to gain visibility than through social media, blogs and product reviews. By using rich snippets and review extensions to enhance your organic and paid listings, you can start to visibly differentiate your store from others in the search results enhancing CTR and profitability. 

ecommerce user generated content

What do you need to do?

Happy customers are your most valuable asset so encourage them to review your business. Whether it’s through on-site reviews, Google Certified Shops or 3rd party review platforms such as Trustpilot, get your buyers to engage and generate content. 

If you need help with adding these 3rd party extensions to your website or aren’t sure how to display rich snippets, talk to our team today. We can advise on how best to generate content and improve your brand relations.