Protecting water systems for every generation

Established in 1999, Arrow Valves is a leading manufacturer and supplier of anti-pollution valves known as Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) valves, which protect the drinking water network. They also manufacture a range of innovative water-associated products, all designed to assist public health engineers in complying with the Water Regulations.

We were introduced to the team at Arrow Valves towards the end of the UK COVID-19 restrictions in 2021. At the time, the business owners were in search of a new agency partner to help support their struggling website.

Fast forward a couple of years, we have since helped the business migrate the website from Magento to WooCommerce, restore online revenues, and attract new business through targeted PPC campaigns.


Previous attempts to generate revenue via PPC had not yielded the best return, thus reducing business confidence in the sales channel. Additionally, a general consensus had formed the opinion that consumers of the water protection product range were primarily in the trade and already aware of the company, rather than potentially being new customers in search of the business’s services and products online.

Following the successful migration of their over-engineered Magento website to the popular WooCommerce platform (learn more about that project here), we were challenged to innovate their PPC account and take online sales to the next level.

To restore business confidence in PPC advertising, we needed to meet two key objectives within a short timeframe:

  • Restore the previously enjoyed online monthly revenue (pre-Magento)
  • Maintain a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of at least 5x.


Over the course of an initial 3-month campaign, we dedicated time to researching online search behavior with commercial intent, aiming to identify higher-margin, competitively priced products in order to maximise returns.

In the initial short timeframe, to restore confidence in PPC, we had no choice but to broaden the funnel to target a wider audience while tightly controlling costs to achieve the target ROAS. Additionally, we also tested various forms of tailored ad copy to attract new attention to the brand and draw users to the key products.


Within three months, we quickly identified high-performing products, streamlined the sales funnel, and optimised the PPC account for a strong ROAS. Through various tests, we also discovered successful brand awareness campaigns, which were utilised to drive traffic to the business and acquire new customers.

  • 3 month ROAS average of 7.45, exceeding the 5x target
  • Restored website revenues to figures previously enjoyed (pre-Magento)
  • Restored confidence in PPC and that new business from customers unaware of Arrow Valves could be targeted and reached via the channel.

Through our collaboration, Arrow Valves experienced significant success from the initial campaign opting to increase budgets and continue working with us to play a crucial role in helping them attract new business and expand their customer base through targeted PPC campaigns.


  • Industry and competitor research
  • Segmented Google Shopping, brand awareness & PMAX campaigns
  • Proactive control over wasted spend


  • Significant new business acquisition
  • Increased quality score, reduced cost per click
  • 10.94 ROAS throughout 2023
  • Record website sales figures