Belazu, Magento 2 Open Source

A key player in Britain’s Mediterranean Food Revolution, the Belazu Ingredient Company has been supplying the food industry with a unique range of premium quality, authentic ingredients since 1991.

Historically Belazu’s Magento ecommerce offering and its ability to deliver revenue growth, had been stifled by a closely entwined WordPress solution that in turn made it impossible for either system to be independently upgraded or enhanced with new features.

In support of consumer demand and the business need to strengthen market position online, Belazu approached Netmatter to overhaul their existing ecommerce infrastructure and to provide process automation through systems integration.

The project included migration of a dysfunctional Magento 1.6 website that had been tightly coupled in code with a WordPress CMS, to a scalable Magento 2 solution and isolated WordPress development integrated with Magento through custom API’s alone. Website search was also improved to deliver instant real time results from both platforms as a single results page.

To streamline central operations and provide automation between on and off-line services, we also developed a custom integration with their on premise ERP from De Facto Software. The integration synchronises on-hand inventory levels, while automating order creation and shipment updates with online carriage API’s.

  • Client: Belazu Ingredient Company
  • Website: Belazu
  • Sector: B2B, Food & Beverage, Retail
  • Services: Ecommerce, Magento, PPC, SEO, Website Maintenance, WordPress

Project Highlights

  • Mobile responsive design and build
  • Bespoke integration between WordPress & Magento
  • Real-time instant search using Algolia
  • Integration with shipping software
  • Custom offline ERP integration
  • Bespoke Google Maps API integration on products


  • 1 B2C website
  • 2,000,000+ data records migrated
  • 175,000 URLS redirected