Since 2008, Decor Trader, an award-winning company based in London, has been providing the wedding and special event industry with high-quality decor items. Their mission is to enhance the visual appeal of event tables, centerpieces, reception rooms, and ceremony sites with stunning decorative pieces, all at highly affordable prices.


Chair Cover Depot had not advertised online using PPC campaigns before reaching out to us. Consequently, we had very little historical data to work with and needed to carry out in-depth research to gain insight into the industry and identify keywords and phrases to attract the target audience. Additionally, we had to set up the account, campaigns, shopping feeds, and Merchant Centre account before the launch.


With no historical data and only suggestive keyword research to rely on, we initially structured a blend of search and shopping campaigns in an intelligent manner, enabling us to gain real-world insights into the target market and their search patterns.

To demonstrate the profitability of paid search advertising as a channel, we needed to show a significant YoY increase in revenue growth early in the campaign while tightly controlling traffic and minimizing wasted spend.

Over a twelve-month period, we had a healthy budget to work with and maintained controlled spending conducive to improving the quality score and relevancy between search terms, keywords, ads, and landing pages.

As the weeks passed and the campaigned progressed, we began to drill down, focus the ads, and spot new opportunities to maximise the budget, return and campaign growth. By analysing day parting and device data, we were then able to quickly and further widen the gap between cost and return.


Since the launch, we have witnessed a remarkable and consistent surge in both revenue and return on investment. Frankly, the unprecedented success of this recent campaign in uncharted territory has exceeded all expectations.


  • 10.75 ROAS in Month 3
  • 20.22 ROAS in Month 6
  • 4.37% Conversion rate
  • £4.66 Cost per acquisition