For over 150 years Filippo Berio Olive Oils have provided culinary inspiration to home cooks across the globe. The ongoing success through the years is no doubt testament to the passion and dedication of Filippo Berio himself, the man who set out in 1835 with a dream to make delicious olive oils worthy of his friends, his family – and his name.

The unique flavour, versatility and important health benefits of Filippo Berio’s Olive Oil have ensured its lasting popularity through the years, making it today one of the leading olive oil brands in the world.

Filippo Berio UK appointed Netmatter in 2021 to work closely with them on various ecommerce projects and online marketing strategies.


  • Redevelop the UK ecommerce website while incorporating the new brand refresh
  • Develop a flexible, search engine friendly, and cost-effective platform to drive online B2C growth
  • Enhance the user journey and UX to increase ecommerce engagement
  • Integrate order processing with fulfilment partner for streamlined operations
  • Provision scalable and secure cloud web hosting to withstand traffic peaks and spikes

Design/UX & Optimisation

We were supplied with a refreshed website design from Filippo Berio’s brand agency in Italy, and were privileged with creative license to tweak the UX as necessary to meet objectives; while obviously staying within brand guidelines.

The project began with a deep dive into the brand to gain insight into why Filippo Berio consumers had historically not shopped direct. We also need to identify where necessary changes may be required to the new design to enhance the user experience and grow on site engagement.

From there we created revised wireframes of an improved user journey focused on ecommerce over trade business. The new site would be content rich and needed space for products to breathe and visitors to recognise the website was first and foremost the official Filippo Berio store in the UK.


Historically the UK website had been built on the popular WordPress CMS incorporating WooCommerce for ecommerce functionality. The existing theme code was bloated and much of the content hard coded making it impossible for internal teams to manage the website content with technical and expensive assistance.

Several custom plugins also made the platform a challenge to maintain and update across the board. As a result, a ground up rebuild of both the backend functionality and frontend theme was required.

Technically, Well-Oiled

After lengthy research and discussion, WordPress and WooCommerce proved to be, and remained the correct long-term platform to meet current and future known objectives.

The backend development element of the project required a well-thought out set of process-driven functions to ensure SEO friendliness and optimal load speed while maintaining compatibility with ongoing platform updates. Keeping things simple and lightweight was key.

Every aspect of the website was built to provide Filippo Berio teams with total control over the frontend layouts and content while ensuring flexibility and scalability for future growth.

The new website is hosted on a cost-effective, autoscaling Google Cloud infrastructure to support traffic peaks and spikes delivered by a wide variety of offline and online marketing campaigns.

  • Client: Filippo Berio UK
  • Website:
  • Sector: Food & Beverage
  • Services: Ecommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress


  • Greatly reduced and streamlined backend code base
  • Super lightweight frontend theme
  • Bespoke competition and events functionality
  • Bespoke recipe section, product relations and booklet downloads
  • Simplified email marketing and abandoned cart workflows
  • Effortless content management with simple how to use notes and SEO guidance